January/February/March Monthly Newsletter - Being a Board Member Each year we are faced with encouraging homeowners to consider running for the Board of Directors. Serving on The Board can be a very rewarding experience. Following is an article that talks about serving on the
December Monthly Newsletter - MMG’s Website Update For the convenience of all homeowners and Board members, Metropolitan Mangement is in the process of updating its website. The updates to the website should be completed by the first of the year. Read Full Newsletter Here
November Monthly Newsletter -  Serving on a Board of Directors Serving on a board of directors can be a rewarding experience for individuals who contribute their time and talents to governing an entire community. It is a great opportunity to learn from other professionals
October Monthly Newsletter - Tell It Like It Is! Good meeting minutes tell the story of an association by describing how its board conducts business. At a minimum a boards association minutes should include: The name of the association and the date, location and
September Monthly Newsletter - Board Orientation’s Have you scheduled your board orientation? MMG likes to hold a yearly board orientation where we host lunch, or dinner (time preference of your choice) to go over basic functions of the board and your manager as well